Elings Park - Lower Field


2024-May-05 09:00 AMMunch FC
2024-May-05 11:00 AMInter Milan
2024-May-05 01:00 PMRockstars SB Crew

Remember that all players need a valid SUSL ID to be allowed to play. Managers & the individual player is responsible for giving the referee the correct and valid ID for each player that is on the official team roster.

All players are required to sign the team roster next to their name before being allowed to play.

All Managers and players are asked to follow all SUSL and Park Rules or else they run the risk of being sanctioned and or forfeiting your game. This includes controlling players and fans on the sidelines during and after games.

All Teams playing the last games on the Upper and Lower fields are responsible for moving the goals back in place. Please also pick up the corner flags and turn them in to one of the SUSL Board members on the field.